Empowering Businesses with One More Stream of Income

We chose to improve our financial services experience with unique additions to the STORM app that make earning more easy and effortless. STORM Agents can take advantage of the STORM app to create one more stream of income with features that allow for bills/utility payments and cash withdrawals and much for their customers.

Agent Banking on STORM

You too can provide financial services to your customers without the hassle or delay from the conventional commercial banks. As a STORM agent you automatically have access to features that offer up these services to your immediate customers

Withdrawals, Cash in, Transfers, Bills

STORM is packed with features that help you earn commissions on the go. With STORM you can help your customers withdraw and deposit cash from their bank accounts with ease. Bank to bank transfers are instant and accurately completed. Bills and utility payments are seamless as we milk our longstanding partnership with all major providers

Earn on Every Transaction

With our open policy you can rely on getting paid every single time you complete a transaction using STORM. Its passive income that can become an entirely new source of earnings to further improve other aspects of your business operation

Additional Benefits

Access to MarketPlace for Purchases

With your registered Store on STORM Marketplace, you can transact with other businesses who are also registered on STORM making transacting with these businesses compact and efficient. Connects you

Access to Wallet

With your STORM Wallet, you always have access to funds of which you can perform transactions without physical cash, all day everyday


Synced with STORM Marketplace, you can upload your inventory and perform transactions with customers at your convenience. You can also view all transactions in real time. You can upload pro

Who is a STORM Agent?

STORM Agents are registered partners of STORM who perform transactions for customers. The service a STORM agent offers covers all the financial essentials without the hassle of going to a bank. From cash transfers and withdrawals to bill payments. For every completed transaction with a customer, the STORM agent receives a predetermined commission.

Ask us about STORM

Want to begin your STORM journey? We are readily available to answer any questions you may have. Chat with us to learn how to integrate STORM to your current business operation and integrate the app with a NetPOS device or any other POS device. 

Start using STORM

You are running a business, We get it! But quickly, download and install STORM for free on the Google Playstore and within a few minutes, get activated and you’re set to start accepting payments instantly.

STORM works best with our new NetPOS devices

STORM + NETPOS= Business Dream Team

STORM works best with our new NetPOS devices. STORM as a stand alone converts your phone into a reliable business tool but when combined with our new NetPOS Mini, your business experience transcends into a seamless technological operation. The NetPOS Mini devices have been deliberately designed as a compact power tool for your business. Start accepting payments with the dream team- STORM and NetPOS! 

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