NetPOS Pro

Classic and Practical Design for Safer Payments

Our Android based payment device is perfect for the new normal. Explore features customized to support safer transactions in the new way of doing way business.

All Payments Options

Attract new and sustain old customers with a wide variety of payment options on the NetPOS Pro, from quick transaction processing on all card payments to QR and contactless; you have everything you need to satisfy all your customers’ preferences

Payment Device That Works

NetPOS Pro’s practical design infused with topnotch Android features makes selling easy and seamless. Comes with built in GPS for tracking, a 2 inch Thermal Printer that is quick and efficient and has up to 16GB of storage space, all of which we have made highly secure for your privacy. It’s perfect because it works!


Store Manager in Your Pocket

SuperApp, STORM comes preinstalled with the NetPOS Pro to help manage all business activities anywhere and at any time. Customize details to suit your specific business needs

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