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Watch out for the contactless logo on a debit card when you are about to collect payment. Simply put, your Android phone turned POS can accept payments from NFC-enabled cards.

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Touch your contactless card against the symbol and hold it until you hear a beep.



A successful payment is indicated by an audio beep, though you may be required to enter your PIN on occasion for added protection.

The ’NetPOS Contactless’ app allows business owners to utilise their NFC Android smartphone, as a mobile point of sale (POS), instead of a cash register or electronic POS terminal. It enables business owners to collect payments at any time and from any location without the need for costly equipment.

Small business owners don't need to buy any additional hardware or devices to take payments with NetPOS Contactless. Furthermore, payments can be made anywhere and at any time, whether in the store or on the go. By being as safe as inserted card transactions, the new payment method enables a secure, quick, and convenient checkout experience.

Hold the card over your enabled NFC smart phone to accept payments from contactless-equipped cards. For a second or two, continue to hold the card over the terminal. Once the transaction is complete, the NFC-enabled smartphone will display a success message.

Jump the bank queue.
A lot of businesses are already collecting payment the contactless way.

Stop waiting for your bank to give you a POS. You don’t even need to be tech savvy to convert your phone to a POS


Frequently asked questions

Simply download the app from the Google Play Store/website. Confirm your phone’s compatibility by using the ‘Test
My Phone’ functionality on the app. Make a request from your bank to be set up as a POS user. Log in credentials are then generated and communicated to you by NetPOS and you are ready to start receiving

A cost-effective POS solution that empowers small businesses with an easy way of accepting payment. It takes payment on the go thereby supporting payment on delivery

The NetPOS Contactless App is a SoftPOS technology that is regulated by card brands and payment card industry (PCI). These institutions work in cooperation to bring the most secure technology. SoftPOS technology uses EMV security methods in a software environment and provides maximum security.

No, your smartphone or tablet must be an Android device that is NFC enabled.

The customer taps his/ her contactless debit card on the NFC antenna and hold it in proximity until he/ she is prompted to input PIN. The NetPOS Contactless app should include an image or a sticker on the mobile device showing the location of the antenna to help customers to know where to tap.

A customer with a contactless Mastercard or VISA debit card is eligible to pay for transactions via the app. The image of waves on either the front or back of the card indicates that the card is contactless in nature and can be used for transactions.
The NetPOS Contactless App enables a merchant provide the cardholder with an electronic format receipt immediately upon completion of a transaction. Depending on your phone’s capabilities, you may get the receipt with a Bluetooth printer connected to your mobile phone or you can get an e-receipt as an SMS or email message.
The NetPOS Contactless App doesn’t allow to be activated unless you enter your username and password. The app also requires you to sign in again for certain periods. When you lose your mobile phone, you need to contact your merchant service provider or acquirer to inactivate the app on your phone. NetPOS provides an attestation and monitoring system to remotely block the app on your mobile phone.
Due to PCI security rules, transaction data can’t be stored on the mobile phone. However, you can use the web portal or app provided by your solution provider to see transaction data
No, NetPOS Contactless App does not store any sensitive data on the mobile phone. The card number, PIN, track 2 data, and other critical and sensitive payment and card data are encrypted immediately when they are entered or read. This data remains always encrypted

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