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NetPOS Contactless

No POS machine needed just your mobile phone and start collecting payments.

NetPOS Lite

The new easy-to-use NetPOS lite is a pocket-sized state-of-the-art device.

NetPOS Mini

This android device is an all-in-one smartphone and a payment terminal.

NetPOS Pro

Payment Device that works. Feature-rich, compact and lightweight. 

The Store Manager App-

A transformative Business Overhaul for the new age.
With STORM- Your smartphone is now a reliable business tool.

STORM For Merchants

Your Personalized STORE manager. Efficiently run your business with features like product upload/display, payment tracking, QR and USSD payments and more.

STORM For Agents

Transform your smartphone into a mobile Income earner.
Offerings include Cash in/Cash Out, Bank transfers, Inventory management, Bill payments and more.

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