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Explore NetPOS API offerings to accelerate and facilitate your business. We’ll guide you through your payment data processing that helps create seamless solutions for your customers with a cutting-edge tool and world-class support.

For Fintechs, Aggregators and others Financial Institutions

Why NetPOS APIs?

POS Device Financing

With aggregators and other businesses, you have access to NetPOS devices at discounted rates. We also provide financial support to secure a NetPOS device based on two requirements- a caution fee and a specific minimum transaction limit.

POS Instant Settlement

NetPOS partners can activate instant settlements that serve typical day to day business scenarios.

POS Processing Infrastructure 

Future-proof your payments processing with our reliably secure payment infrastructure in order to drive efficiency and optimize your offerings and solutions.

Available APIs

Choosing our APIs means you get to bypass many licensing systems and focus your time and resources in providing customer and product advancement and experience. Our API packages include

SDK to the access NetPOS device

Our APIs give you access to the NetPOS SDK that can be integrated into your solution for the enhancement of your products and services through payments.

API to Process Funds Transaction

Our APIs gives libraries access to link your apps to the processing of funds through Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS)

API for Instant Settlement

Take advantage of our embedded POS processing infrastructure to enable quick, easy and instant settlement when processing POS transactions.

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